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 Best Skills for Force Blader

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PostSubject: Best Skills for Force Blader   Fri Mar 07, 2008 7:38 pm

here is a list of end-game skill you would like to have as a Force Blader.

Sword Skills
-dash (9lvl) & fade step (9lvl)
-force slash (20lvl)
-illusion stab (20lvl)
-rising shot (20lvl)
-dance of ruin (20lvl)
-force assault (20lvl)
-round cut (20lvl)
-infernal stigma (20lvl)
-abyssal crystal (20lvl)
-force impact (18-20lvl) - lvl 18 for pve , lvl 20 for pvp
-infernal impact (9lvl) - going higher makes this skill useless cause of the cooldown
-assassinate (9lvl) - going higher makes this skill uesless cause of the cooldown.

Magic Skills
-earth guard (20lvl)
-aqua vitality (20lvl)
-wind movement (20lvl)
-lightning blade (20lvl)
-ice blade (20lvl) - after lvl 140 when its possible to stack buffs
-resist intension (20lvl)
-aqua/water cannon (20lvl)
-terra/stone cannnon (20lvl)
-lightning cannon (20lvl)
-wind cannon (20lvl)

you want cannons on lvl 20 because they raise (hp/def/atk/def rate / atk rate) while in Battle Mode 1.
*later if youre in need of skill points you can drop wind cannon and/or leave the cannons at lvl 18

-lower defense (20lvl)
-blind (20lvl) - later can be droped or deleveled to 18 if in need of skill points
-enervation (20lvl) - PVE skill only (lvl 20 lowers mobs HP about 50%)
* later this skill can be removed to get field of enervation which supposedly works in pvp*
-execration (20lvl)
-hard luck (20lvl)
-field of enervation (20lvl)
-field o fexecration (20lvl)
-mana freeze (1-20lvl) - skill that will fuck up every char with less than 1000 mp

Upgrade Skills
-vitality mastery
-offensive sense
-defensive sense
-damage absorb
-impact control
-sixth sense

remember that at max dual transcender ranks, its possible to have 880 sword and 880 magic skill points, and u need 58 points to rise a single skill to lvl 20
(which is enough to max 15 sword/magic skills and have 10 points left )

feel free to experiment but those skills are essential
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Best Skills for Force Blader
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