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 Force Blader Stats

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PostSubject: Force Blader Stats   Fri Mar 07, 2008 7:40 pm

there are 3 stat build and it depends all on You which one to pick

-osm katana build: add stats so You can wear osmium katana slot +7 and osmium batlesuit slot +7 as Your final end-game armor
-STR: 227 INT: 227 DEX: REST (like 800+)

-osm blade build: add stats so You can wear osmium blade slot +7 and osmium armorsuit slot +7 (with this stats You can also wear katana and battlesuit)
-STR: 283 INT: 227 DEX: REST (like 750+)

-mithril build: add stats so You can wear the best items for a FB, mithril katana slot +7, mithril orb slot +7 and mithril battlesuit slot +7 (all those items are hard as hell to get tho, but its also the build im using )
-STR: 309 INT: 309 DEX: REST (around 646)

-osm katana build gives You the highest dmg boost from high dex
-osm blade build gives You slightly lower dmg but higher defense
-mithril build has the lowest dmg/defense of all three if You dont have mithril items (but if You get hold on mithril stuff - You're godly )
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Force Blader Stats
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